May 29th, 2015

Can’t see the Resource Box?

If you arrived here through a search engine or an external link, this page will not be in its parent frame. The jump arrows will not be visible and you will not be able to scroll down to the Resource Box. To correct this click on the ‘reload main’ button. sp_image-370295741-1238038724.pjpeg




The Video Theatre will appear. Click on the horizontal bar directly below it and the Critical Resource Box will then reload for AutoSurfing and personal web mining.





BlackRaiser – is a Vertical Browser web portal system that functions as a pathway to other content and provides you with personal web mining tools.

It is called “vertical browser” because it jumps vertically between frames and because it’s a niche or vertical topic browser. Vertical browser portals are specialized websites that display web pages in frames. The Video Theater lets you watch online videos without opening new windows or tabs and also contains links to the content items. The Critical Resource Box searches for website links and displays online documents in a contractible iframe with scroll locks and vertical jump arrows. Vertical browser provides instant access to all the major internet search engines.



It’s a JavaScript mini-browser inside your browser, and it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use it.



Lock and unlock the window scrollbar to keep from moving out of the content frame you’re viewing. The scroll lock buttons are located at the bottom left and right corners of the inline frame. They are also found above the Critical Resource Box, which contains topic and search links. When the scrollbar is locked, you can easily navigate with the jump arrows.




AutoSurfing Player
An important feature of Vertical Browser is the AutoSurfing Player, which lets you monitor up to 36 websites with no typing or clicking. It’s like watching a slideshow!

Using the AutoSurfing Player is very simple:

1. Click on the white Setup button just below the Resource Box and a floating window will pop up. Click on the Manage Play List button to expand the controls.



(If you want to see how AutoSurfing works without making your own play list, just select one of our ready-made ones from the Sample Play Lists menu, and then click on the blue Play button.)

2. Make a plain text play list of up to 36 of your favorite websites. Simply enter one URL above the other in your list (without commas) until you stack up a column of 36 website addresses. Put a title at the top of your list.


 3. Paste your play list into the black text box and click on Import Links. (Click on Export Links to get a play list from your current links.)

4. Select the AutoSurf rotator speed from the small dropdown menu (30 Sec is the default, but we recommend 60 Sec or more for the best results), and then click on the blue “Play” button.

That’s all there is to it!

Wait for delay time to finish or refresh page before importing another play list.

Now you can walk away from Internet addiction and feel free to do other things, hands-free!

You can even export your play list in encrypted form if it’s inappropriate to post your private links.
To store private AutoSurf play lists, just e-mail them to yourself. If you would rather share public lists, click on My Play Lists to access the online forum. The AutoSurf Player is suitable for personal web mining but is also a show-stopper in public display areas and on reception desks.


The AutoSurf Player works with Explorer and Firefox browsers. (Attention: We are currently experiencing problems with the Google Chrome Browser. For the time being, please use Internet Explorer or Firefox to Autosurf. Firefox is better at surfing through floating overlay ads and allows full screen “F11” view for online presentations.)


HiSafe Mode

Internet Explorer browser required. 


If you will be viewing unreliable web pages or ones experiencing technical difficulties, HiSafe Security Mode lets you browse with strict security restrictions without changing your system settings. It doesn’t execute runtime script, but only views the document’s design surface.

hisafeHiSafe security mode is especially well-suited for personal data mining with this portal’s built-in Rich Text Editor and other tools (HTML Spreadsheets and LocalUser Links) for Internet Explorer users.

editorUse the built-in Rich Text Editor to copy, paste, resize, drag, and drop web site elements into the easy editing tool.

Convert visual objects into source code automatically without programming as you surf the Internet!

Learn how your favorite web sites were constructed. Take apart complex page tables, rows, columns, cells, forms, layers and iframes. Save HTML snippets (including JavaScripts) to your computer or e-mail HTML clippings to others. Keep an updated web clippings album (Project Groups) or research library for your own personal and professional pursuits (for IE users).



The purpose of Vertical Browser is very simple: Make a list of the website links that interest you, drop it into the play list box, and you’re ready to AutoSurf and web-mine for online data as easy as collecting newspaper clippings!




BlackRaiser is a specialized (vertical browser) website that displays web pages in frames. Due to the risks of domain masking, the real URLs of some sites you visit might not necessarily appear in the address bar of even some well-known browsers. But as pages are being opened, their locations will usually be identified in the Status Bar at the bottom of the browser window. Before you make online purchases or share secure information over the Internet please be sure to follow these three steps:
1. open in new window

Click on the 'new' check box o next to the address bar and open the web page you want to visit in a new browser window.

2. check the URL

The URL in your new browser's address bar should begin with https:// The letter 's' after 'http' indicates that this is a secure web site.
You should have a padlock icon visible in your new browser window. Double click the padlock to verify that the security certificate is issued to the web site you are currently viewing.

3. check the padlock


  • Never click a link in an e-mail, an e-book, or a third-party site to go to any of your financial accounts.          

  • Always open and use a new instance of your default browser before visiting a secure web site.


 Can't see the Resource Box?

If you arrived here through a search engine or an external link, this page will not be in its parent frame. The jump arrows will not be visible and you will not be able to scroll down to the Resource Box. To correct this click on the 'reload main' button. sp_image-370295741-1238038724.pjpeg


The Video Theatre will appear. Click on the horizontal bar directly below it and the Critical Resource Box will then reload for AutoSurfing and personal web mining.












The BlackRaiser - Vertical Browser tools are provided on an 'as is' basis without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. External links are provided for reference purposes only and do not constitute endorsements. Copyright (c) 2009.









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