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May 29th, 2015


If you want to share public AutoSurf play lists, click here to access the online forum. Make a plain text play list of up to 36 of your favorite websites.


An important feature of Vertical Browser is the AutoSurfing Player, which lets you rotate your favorite websites with no typing or clicking. It’s like watching a slideshow! More…

Can’t see the Resource Box?

If you arrived here through a search engine or an external link, this page will not be in its parent frame. The jump arrows will not be visible and you will not be able to scroll down to the Resource Box. To correct this click on the ‘reload main’ button. sp_image-370295741-1238038724.pjpeg


The Video Theatre will appear. Click on the horizontal bar directly below it and the Critical Resource Box will then reload for AutoSurfing and personal web mining.








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